About Women in Business

Who are We?

Women in Business is a relatively new organization in the Rawls College of Business. We have only been around for four years, but have been successful in sending members to major networking conferences, sparking intriguing interactive panels with top women in their industry, and volunteering at several events in our community. Because we are still new, our organization is still evolving, and we hope to bring new opportunities for our members throughout the semester. Our aim is to encourage professional development, foster relationships, empower entrepreneurship, and promote leadership!

A new Mission Statement is in the works!

I never feel pressure or obligation to show up to every meeting or event. It’s more about learning and challenging yourself. If you are interested in the topic and can make it to a meeting or event, then that is excellent and we are excited to see you! If you can’t make it to a meeting, then no harm done, we still look forward to seeing you next time.

- Paige Lehmann

(Founder & Member)

I've been a member since Fall of 2015 and I love the sense of community. Although everyone is from different majors & backgrounds, we all bond over real issues! It's not all serious of course, WIB has pot lucks, socials, and a super cool intramural volleyball team.

- Haley Sparger

(Web Developer & Member)