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Our Calendar is Posted!

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Taco Tuesdays @ Fuzzy's

Starting September 12th WIB for be hosting a Fuzzy's Give Back Night every Tuesday for the rest of the semester! Take a break from your studies and chill with awesome people from your school :)

Don't Forget to Pay Dues!

Please support Women in Business because we love supporting you! Here is a link to the two-step process of becoming a WIB member.

Rawls Day 2017

Are you a freshman or transfer student going to the Rawls Day? Are you interested in getting involved with a great organization in the Rawls College of Business?

If your answer is yes, check out our booth at Rawls Day. We have officers & members who are excited to meet you. We also give away cool swag :)

Please contact us so we can help you find the WIB booth ahead of time.

Elections for WIB Officers

September 20th

We are looking for some awesome members seeking leadership positions!
Don't be afraid to apply for an officer position! Most students are reluctant to even run for a position because they believe they're under qualified or they're nervous about the election process. This leads to low turn out of candidates across all Rawls student organizations.

If you weren't considering running for a position, please do! Running a student organization is similar to running a small business. We require people to create marketing strategies, create and manage budgets, design websites, direct other students, and much more. The best part is their is no judgement if you fail at a task. As officers, we are constantly experimenting and Women in Business is a safe place to do so! This is definitely an experince you can't get from your internship!

Open Positons:

  • Vice President of Operations (Secretary)
  • Vice President of Community Service
  • Vice President of Finance & Fundraising
  • Webmaster

Link to apply: Officer Application