About Women in Business

Who are We?

Women in Business is an organization at the Rawls College of Business and was founded in September of 2013. As an organization, we have been successful in sending our members to major networking conferences, sparking intriguing interactive panels with top women in their industry, and volunteering at several events in our community. Even though we have been around for awhile, our organization is still evolving, and we hope to bring new opportunities for our members throughout the semester. Our aim is to encourage professional development, foster relationships, empower entrepreneurship, and promote leadership!

It is our mission to provide our members with opportunities for professional growth and development through networking, real world insights, and service to the community.

Networking: Construct a network of peers and professionals in business through monthly meetings and attendance of conferences such as Womens Entrepreneurship Summit at the United Nations in NYC and the Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference, among others.

Real World Insights: Provide inviting speakers with diverse backgrounds to advocate for and share perceptions of womens experiences in business.

Service to the Community: Establish and maintain ongoing partnerships with organizations that have an aim to foster the well-being of women (such as AAUW).

Our vision is to empower our members to be successful in their professional and personal lives.

I joined Women in Business during my freshman year of college. I found myself seeking community. I wanted both a professional and social group of individuals that would help with personal empowerment and confidence in preparation for the future. Not only did I find what I was looking for, but I discovered much more. I found myself encouraging others and finding joy in it. This inspired me to become an officer and continue growing in positions since. Women in Business not only provides professional opportunities such as networking, but it provides a group of students focused on bettering one another.

- Kelsey Olson

(Former President)

I've been a member since Spring of 2019 and I love the sense of community and empowerment. Since I transferred to Texas Tech, Women in Business has been a key part of my integration into the school. Everyone I have met have been so nice and welcoming in this group and we are all here for each other! I genuinely believe in what this organization is working towards and it is nice to have people from all different backgrounds, majors, and from different places! WIB is fun and we are always working towards improving the goals we have and events we host!

- Lauren McKeen

(Former Webmaster)